Miles Fuqua Sound

Location | Post | Music | Mixing

Gear List

  • Sound Devices recorder/mixer 12-ISO track with TC

  • Lectrosonics Wireless TX/RX

  • Sanken COS-11D Lav mics

  • Sanken/Sennheiser Shotgun mics

  • IFB, Slates, TC Sync boxes available.

  • Music Video Playback systems

  • Pro Tools DAW

  • Wide variety of Plug-ins as well as acoustic and virtual instruments for Musical Score including: Kontakt, iZotope, Heavyocity, East/West, Big Fish Audio, Puremagnetik, Native Instuments, Sound Dust and many many more toys!

  • Large collection of SFX libraries for SFX editing and Sound Design.  

Location Sound

Began location sound recording/mixing in 2006, after graduating from MTSU with a B.S. in Recording Industry - Production Technology. Credits include - sound mixer, boom operator, and audio utility. A thorough understanding of post audio workflow which helps in production and delivery of proper files. Location gear owned and travel ready.

Post Production

Working freelance since 2006 and as a staff engineer, editor, and mixer at a post studio for 3 years helped to gain viable experience in post production. Credits include - re-recording mixer, sound designer, dialogue editor, SFX editor, ADR recordist, and foley artist. 

Music Composition

Equipped to create music composition for feature length productions as well as documentaries, short films, and promotional/commercial projects.  Quality music created in a timely manner. Mood setting ambiance to heavy hitting percussion; music beds to stand-out themes. Any genre welcome. Able and willing to match temp scores.